Confidence for your concept & lifestyle!
Confidence for your concept and lifestyle


The Liquid Courage Corporation is a hospitality consulting company that promotes confidence and lifestyle balance within the beverage industry in a way that brings about positive change in modern drinking culture


What we do

Industry veterans bringing confidence to your concept by incorporating hands on experience, passion and creativity.

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There is no substitute for experience in this industry and there are countless subjects to learn and master. The common thread between the world’s best hospitality programs is always training and education. It keeps employees engaged, motivated and reduces turn-over. The professionals at Liquid Courage are industry leaders who believe that “things you manage, people you lead.” We look for opportunities to share valuable industry knowledge through educational seminars and provide services to help businesses succeed. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of industry leaders by turning bartenders and servers into career service professionals and train managers to become leaders and successful operators.

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Lifestyle & Events

Having spent over a decade in the service industry, the Liquid Courage team considers hospitality a lifestyle focused on creating unique and memorable experiences for everyone we come in contact with. While we specialize in designing artistic cocktails with fresh ingredients, house-made syrups and exotic elixirs in ways that appeal to all the senses, we take pride in hosting local pop-ups that showcase innovative techniques and promote positive change in modern drinking culture. Most importantly, we bring people together to network, socialize and celebrate special moments in safe and creative environments that strengthen the bonds within our community.

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Beverage Programs

An innovative beverage program involves more than just creative mixology and house-made ingredients, it takes an in-depth understanding of the industry and its current trends. Most importantly it must be genuine and appeal to your individual demographic. Whether you’re in need of a program overhaul, a new management strategy or just help redesigning menus and increasing profits, our award-winning team at Liquid Courage has years of hands-on experience in all aspects of beverage operations. We will create a unique program that complements your vision and captivates your guests.

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