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We believe the power of Liquid Courage comes from the confidence it provides and make it our mission to spread confidence to all aspects of the hospitality industry in a way that promotes comradery, mentorship, and lifestyle balance

We bring together industry professionals who share a passion for hospitality to collaborate on projects and events that bring people together and create a positive impact on modern drinking culture

We believe the social nature of our industry gives us a platform from which to share our experience and creativity while providing value through social responsibility, environmental sustainability and continued education

We are passionate about creating mentorship opportunities that promote a healthier lifestyle for the beverage industry and work with multiple organizations to benefit our community

Above all we believe the strength of our industry comes from cultural diversity, respect and equality and it should be enjoyed responsibly within a balanced lifestyle


The crew


Joe Frade

Founder, Director of operations

Joe is a Marine Corps veteran, Award winning Bartender and a dedicated service industry professional. He has been part of multiple hospitality projects ranging from fine dining to nightclubs and boutique hotels. His love for the service industry originated from his military experience working in a fast-paced environment involving small unit leadership. As a mixologist he is a strong advocate for Latin spirits hosting various tequila and mezcal seminars, rum celebrations, reforestation efforts and staff trainings. Most importantly, he has dedicated his hospitality career to mentorship by promoting education, sustainability and lifestyle balance. He studied Public Health and Exercise Science at Portland State University and believes that “life is about choice so don’t choose a job, choose a lifestyle.”
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Estanislado Orona

Estanislado has been in the bar industry for over a decade, miraculously managing to survive a short stint in Las Vegas working for Celebrity Chef’s and Hotel Groups such as The Ritz-Carlton. Most recently, he managed Raven & Rose in Portland, Oregon and is half of the team of dreamers at the small but mighty, Ash Bar PDX. His accolades included winning Most Imaginative Bartender for the PNW two years in a row, designing Art-House Cocktails for a non-profit Theater Group’s annual fundraiser, and being the creative force behind Aperitif PDX, a Wine Based Cocktail Pop-Up that produces flirtatiously approached cocktails with a focus on innovation and presentation. In his spare time, you can generally find ‘Tanis on some two wheeled adventure and indulging in Portland’s wonderful world of craft beer. Having used a majority of his nine lives and get-out-of-jail-free cards on two wheeled vehicles, he finds them more beautiful and fascinating with every passing day.


Cameron Holck

After growing up in Austin, Texas and graduating with an environmental engineering degree in Colorado, Cameron Holck discovered his passion for hospitality. He followed his love of the outdoors into the Pacific Northwest where he continues his dedication to bartending in Portland. He enjoys using peculiar ingredients and capitalizing on combined strengths among a bar team to create delicious drinks. He warmly welcomes the fact that a night out is highlighted by hospitality and having a great experience, and understands that what hits your glass is simply a compliment to a great time. With that mentality, Cameron does his best to make every occasion a memorable one.

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