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Our Values



We believe the power of Liquid Courage comes from the confidence it provides and make it our mission to spread confidence to all aspects of the hospitality industry in a way that promotes comradery, mentorship, and lifestyle balance


We are passionate about creating mentorship opportunities that promote a healthier lifestyle for the beverage industry and work with multiple organizations to benefit our community


Above all we believe the strength of our industry comes from cultural diversity, respect and equality therefore, we Promote Liquid Courage within the confines of responsibility and lifestyle balance

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Our Team


Joe Frade

Founder, Director of operations

Joe is a Marine Corps veteran, Award winning Bartender and a dedicated service industry professional. He has been part of multiple hospitality projects ranging from fine dining to nightclubs and boutique hotels. His love for the service industry originated from his military experience working in a fast-paced environment involving small unit leadership. As a mixologist he is a strong advocate for Latin spirits hosting various tequila and mezcal seminars, rum celebrations, reforestation efforts and staff trainings. Most importantly, he has dedicated his hospitality career to mentorship by promoting education, sustainability and lifestyle balance. He studied Public Health and Exercise Science at Portland State University and believes that “life is about choice so don’t choose a job, choose a lifestyle.”


Liquid Courage bartenders strive to be an example of lifestyle balance in and industry that is demanding both physically and mentally. While they are far from perfect they aim to be leaders and mentors with the understanding that a career in the beverage industry comes with a spotlight and a platform in which to inspire change. Whether they are behind the bar, serving as brand ambassadors or pursuing their other hobbies, they share a passion for hospitality and a desire to leave a positive impact in our industry.


Miles Turner

Behind the Stick at: Teote Mezcaleria

Career Highlights: Worked abroad in Mexico while bartending the Herradura Train in Guadalajara.

Hobbies: Leading the Timbers Army as an official capo, exploring new cultures, and learning random facts on various topics.

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Cameron Holck

Behind the Stick at: Departure Lounge

Career Highlights: Patron Perfectionist regional finalist. Strong Water Beverages Ambassador. 2018 PDX Nog-off winner.

Hobbies: Anything outdoors specially mountain sports and kite boarding.


Antonio Gonzales

Behind the Stick at: Teote Mezcaleria

Career Highlights: Best Dancing Bartender at TOTC

Hobbies: Soccer, Climbing, Snowboarding and Dancing, Dancing, Dancing.

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